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Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Lab (AICV)


Research grant for students:


The AICV Lab promotes interdisciplinary teaching and research by developing new technologies and software tools, providing hands-on experience for students.

The purpose:

The research grants from AICV Lab are to promote students' EPIC (Externally collaborative learning, Project-based activities, Interdisciplinary team, Culture) activities.


Any current student is eligible to apply for the grant.

Criteria for Selection Process:

The students who are interested in this grant can download the proposal template from The evaluation criteria to be considered but not limited to:

  • The quality of the proposal

  • The interesting of the topic

  • Interdisciplinary project

  • Health-related project

  • Feasibility of the project

Some sample topics: Machine learning project, Big data project, Image Processing project, etc.


Multiple grants may fund students. The student who gets the grant will:

  • Receive up to $1000 stipend

  • Be invited to join Digital Health Lab

  • List this grant in the resume to make it outstanding in the future job hunting

  • Submit a final report at the end of the grant period

How to apply:

After completing the proposal, send them to (put “Research Grant Application from xxx” in the email title). The deadline for application is Nov 15, 2021. Here is an application template (please download it).

Ongoing Grants:

  • NIH U01: Cumulative Damage and Disease Activity Metrics as Prognostic Enrichment Imaging Biomarkers for Knee Osteoarthritis Trials, 2020 – 2021, Award Amount: $249,000 (Collaborate with Tufts Medical Center)

  • NSF: A Novel 3D Image Predictive Model for Osteoarthritis Disease, 2017 – 2021, Award Amount: $300,000 (Collaborate with Pace University)

  • NIH R01: Novel Structural Endpoints of Cumulative Damage and Disease Activity in Osteoarthritis, 2020 – 2025, Award Amount: $3.9M (Collaborate with Tufts Medical Center)

Pending Grants:

Completed Grants:

  • Foundation: Development of a Semi-Automated Knee OA Cartilage Damage Index, 2015 – 2019, Award Amount: $225,000

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